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Having weak eyesight is certainly unfortunate. However, being unable to see things clearly does not spell doom for you. You could opt to have contact lenses or eyeglasses. Many factors come into play when one chooses eyewear. Some of these include your budget, comfort and the aesthetics found in different types of eyewear.

Lenses surpass glasses in many ways. For instance, contact lenses do not obstruct your vision. Do you exercise a lot every day? Are you a sports person? If so then you need to use lenses. They provide you with the confidence in taking part in activities you love without the fear that the eyepiece will fall or break. Besides, contact lenses match very well with sporting or outdoor attire. At the same time, unlike glasses, there are colored lenses that help change your eye color.

With these benefits in mind, here are more compelling reasons why lenses are better than glasses.


They give you a stylish look

Lenses give you a new look. Your eyes are a prominent feature. Anyone you come into contact will notice the change in the color of your eyes through the lenses you wear. Glasses make you feel that you are wearing an object on your face. In some cases, you may feel that you do not look as attractive as you would have wished. However, if you wear contact lenses, few people may notice that you have put anything in your eyes. Whether you are stepping out for a date, attending classes or going to work, you will find lenses to be a better alternative to eyeglasses. Besides, these eyepieces are easy to wear.

Ease of wear

Lenses fit on your eyes easily. The design allows them to conform to your eyes curvature. As a result, you get a broad view, and there are few or no distortions. Such ease gives you comfort while taking part in sports or going about the activities you love. Unlike glasses, with lenses, you need not worry about dirt, sweat or dislodgement.

Healthy eyes

Thanks to technology, you now have lenses that can remain in the eyes for an extended period. Moreover, eye complications can now become a thing of the past; there is no need to worry. Technology has given rise to contact lenses that you can wear and dispose of hence keeping eye infection away. With such lenses, you get to wear and throw them away after they have served their purpose. The ease of disposal means that you need not waste time cleaning and storing them as is the case with glasses.

Convenience during sports

As an active sportsperson, the last thing you need is discomfort. Apart from competition, sports provide you with an opportunity to relax the body. As your body rests, it gets rid of waste leading you to feel fresh and energetic. Glasses can distract and make you feel awkward while taking part in sports. Eyeglasses can slip down your nose, leave you feeling annoyed and ruin your day out in the field. Lenses do not have these qualities hence the more reason for choosing them over glasses.

Weather suitability

Eyeglasses tend to steam up. When it rains, water droplets hinder you from seeing clearly. In the end, you have to keep removing and cleaning your glasses. When you get into a warm place from a cold one, your glasses steam up, and you have to wipe off the steam. As for contact lenses, none of these changes affects them.  To keep your lenses clean, you only need to blink.


Glasses are delicate and highly susceptible to breakage.  The material used in making contact lenses allows them to fit into your eyes. You need not worry about causing injury from either broken glass or frame.

Lenses are cool to wear. You put them on, forget and go about your activities. Life becomes enjoyable. At the same time, you can choose the type of lenses that fit the occasion.

Edmonton Vision Centre has a great variety in lenses as well as eye glasses. Our expert optometrist can help you choose the best option that will not only suit your needs but also your budget.  We strive not to be a good Optometrist in Edmonton but to be the BEST Edmonton Optometrist!


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