How direct billing for eye exam saves time and headache

An eye examination is not only expensive, but also consumes a lot of time during the entire form filling process and amount billing. Time spent and out-of-pocket payment can be exclusively reduced by direct billing.

direct_billing_insuranceThe headache is exterminated if you’re the holder of an insurance policy that covers eye care. The doctor can directly bill the insurance provider for the services and eye wear objects such as lenses and glasses, letting the policyholder staying unconstrained from the overall procedure. In the end they are not even required putting a separate claim with the insurance company. This means that the patient can receive quality treatment along with punctuality and the aid of formalities being done by the doctor or medical institution. However, getting an appointment for the visit and time and travelling cost is obviously not a part of the policy. So the best decision to be made is to choose the doctor or clinic, which is the nearest from your home.

In the present world, paying the price for being healthy is sometimes a pain in neck for most people. Health care costs and insurance offerings are rising and getting popularity on a daily basis. First step needed is to choose an insurance plan that fits your medical and financial needs, and has great control over health care spending. Secondly, choose a doctor who can offer good service and bill the insurance company directly. When the patient is done with this and goes to see a doctor, the doctor does the eye exam and all the eye test required. He/she makes a bill and sends it to the insurance company who already has a formula to calculate what they have to pay for that test out of the total, leaving behind some amount to be paid by the patient. Whatever the bill is, the company pays the maximum of it. In some cases, the patients do not have to pay anything at all as the insurance covers everything. It all comes down to what kind of insurance policy one has.

eye_exam_insuranceThere are two common stages in the direct billing process which can negatively affect both the policy providers and policyholders, and need to be dealt with care. One is fraudulent billing and the other is insufficient documentation. Fraudulent billing is a practice which is used by doctors or even an entire medical institution where they send more expensive bills to insurance companies than the cost of what they actually tested and treated. The best way to eliminate this situation is to remain in contact with your insurance company throughout the medical procedure. Most importantly it is important to find a company that does not cheat and is well established. The second possible stage is insufficient documentation which is usually unintentionally prepared by the doctors due to lack of concern. Insurance companies have the right to know the reason of the test being done for which they have to pay. They are not bound to just get a bill and pay for anything that is completed. If the trip to Edmonton optometrist exceeds beyond a regular eye exam, then the insurance company may ask for justified reasoning and clear documents. If the claim is rejected by the insurance company, a simple solution of resubmitting the claim with adequate documentation can be performed but it is time consuming. Hence direct billing can save a lot of time and trouble as the optical company can take care of all the problems if they are dealing with the insurance company directly.

Eye exam costs are different for different age groups. They can jump from $50 to more than $1000 without insurance. Many people in the world don’t just care about treating their eyes and let it go. For saving a little amount of money in the first stage, they cost themselves a huge headache in the future. On the other hand, many people are not willing to get insurances because they are too much confident about their health. Of course, this is not an advertisement to get an insurance policy, but for people who cannot afford various health care costs should look into it. People who can afford the price money but agree upon the fact of ‘time is everything’ must also look into forward to direct billing saving time, ensuring prompt quality and limiting the headache. Choose an Edmonton optical company that is well established, offering high class service along with direct billing to insurance company.


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