James Bond Style Eye Glasses

Looking for the latest sunglass style for men this summer? A lot of styles are popular this season but the James Bond glasses are coming in on the top for Men’s sunglass style. All the boys and men are looking for the ‘Bond’ image that gives them an elegant look. From classy to dashing, the James Bond Sun glasses are being termed as the hottest style of the season. Bond sun glasses are slick looking and ever since Daniel Craig acting as James Bond was spotted wearing the frames in the movie, it has created a hype in the market for these glasses. These James Bond glasses come in Tom Ford Brand and are now available in the market for everyone to own and impress the ladies.

Tom Ford Sunglasses are now one of the most popular brand for men in the market this season since the movie Quantum of the Solace was released and more after the trailer for Spectre was released. Though the movie will not be released until the end of the year, luckily the Swanky sunglasses being sported in the movie are available for you to own. These popular shades are Tom Ford signature. We at Edmonton Vision Centre carry the original frames and can help assist you in finding the right fit for your face structure. Our eye doctors are highly qualified to do your eye exam and give you most accurate prescription. Our goal is to ensure that the fitting of the lenses and frames is according to your comfort.

Go to Edmonton Eye Vision Centre and choose Tom Ford’s timeless shades that give you a slick look whether you are driving or going in an important meeting. It is all about the look and long lasting impression that these shades will help you leave on others and we at Edmonton Vision centre are here to help you with it.



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