Millwoods Health Care

Millwoods, EdmontonMillwoods is one of the old neighbourhoods in Alberta which has been developing more and more over time. With a big transit center, nice big hospital in the neighbourhood to Millwoods town centre, it is a very convenient location for those living nearby. With so many restaurants, coffee shops and even clinics located in the vicinity, it is a good location.

Millwoods area in Edmonton, Alberta generally has a lot to offer, but with the great demand of doctors in Edmonton and thus their shortage, the wait times in walk in clinics can be a big problem. If you plan on going to a walk in clinic, you need to make sure you make time and go because you will not be done anytime soon. Once you go in, the wait times are so long especially in the winter when so many people are coming in with weather related sickness and flu symptoms. Not only are the walk in clinic wait times so long, even hospital emergency is very time consuming.

Hospital located in the heart of Millwood area is a very nice hospital and very well equipped but if you decide to go to the emergency section, make sure you are well prepared to spend hours there. The wait time is long and many at times due to shortage of doctors on call, this process can get even longer.  There is a shortage of good doctors and the Albertans are suffering.

There are many nice eye care centres in Millwoods that are offering FREE eye exam for children as covered by Alberta Health Services. This ensures that the children’s eyes are well taken care of and not neglected due to additional costs for parents.

This Southern Edmonton neighbourhood is well established with good hospital, restaurants, shopping center, transit center as well as recreational center which makes it a good choice for families.



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