Different Types of Specialty Eyewear

If you are in the market for eye glasses, you know there are so many different kinds of specialty eye wear that you can choose from that it gets confusing. It is perfectly alright to get glasses that work well for every day. However, there are glasses specifically designed to provide you comfort and safety for specific activities. This specialty eyewear is particularly handy if you have progressive lenses or wear bifocals. At Edmonton Vision Centre we carry a wide variety of eye glasses, including specialty eye wear for sports, computer, driving, etc.

Sports Eyewear

It is very important to protect your eyes when you are playing sports as well as having clear vision. If you wear eye glasses, you need to buy eyeglasses that help to enhance your vision so you can clearly see the ball in sports such as tennis, golf or even badminton. Eye wear that is designed keeping sports activities in mind can help in giving you visual clarity as well as protecting your eyes. If you plan on participating in contact sports, the best option in that case would be to get lenses in order to avoid any eye injuries.

reading_glassesReading glasses

In cases where people wear bifocals, they need to tip their head back to be able to read something. That will work fine generally, but in case the glasses are being used for reading a book or newspaper, tipping the head back to read will not be the most comfortable option. In such cases, single vision reading eye glasses will work best. These eye glasses are also suitable for sewing or any such activities where close attention needs to be paid.

Computer Eyeglasses

Long computer use can cause your eyes to get strained. There are special computer eye glasses that are designed in order to offer clear vision at a close distance. These specialized computer eyewear helps to decrease the risk of you developing computer based vision syndrome.

Driving eye glasses

Having eye glasses for driving can go a long way especially during the day. In order to ease the glare of the sun and improve visibility, getting polarized eye glasses can be a big help. Wearing regular eye glasses while driving at night is ok if you are not presbyopic, but when you are driving during the day and the sun rays are right in your direction, it can be a big problem. If you have presbyopia, you will require specially designed multifocal or single vision lenses. Thus, buying polarized sun glasses for day time and clear lenses or even anti reflective lenses to lessen headlight glare for night time can be good for driving purposes.

Safety Eye wear

If you are going to be doing heavy duty activities such as lawn mowing, using power tools or any such activities on regular basis, it is recommended to wear eye glasses that will safeguard your eyes against injuries. Getting eye glasses that are sturdy with polycarbonate lenses and fitted wrap style will work best in such situations.


Talk to optometrist about your visual needs

Irrespective of what kind of specialty eyewear you need, it is always helpful to get professional opinion from experts in the field. Talking to your optometrist about your activities when you are shopping for eye wear works best so you get the type of lenses and frame that will suit your specific situation.



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