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How often should you get your eye checked?

Generally, it is good to have a comprehensive eye checkup every one or two years. Eye checkup may depend on your age, risk factors and whether you are already wearing corrective lenses. The checkup helps in to diagnose and treat medical conditions at their early stages. Also, there is a certain eye disorder that is […]

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Preventive eye care is better

The best way of avoiding eye problems is through prevention. Prevention can be of two ways: wellness examination and preventive intervention. Wellness examination helps in identifying an eye problem at its first stages giving a chance to do early treatment and improve on visual outcomes. It takes place when everything is felt to be normal. […]

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Buy genuine glasses from a reputable store

When shopping for glasses, it is common that many people spend most of their time looking for the correct frames. In terms of functionality, the lenses are the most important part of the glass. So when doing buying your glasses, it is important to take much of your time searching for the lenses with the […]

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