What is the best Pink Eye Treatment?

Pink eye can be cause of pain and discomfort if it is contracted by anyone. To treat it is it also important to understand what it is and then figure out ways to treat it to illuminate the problem completely.

What is Pink eye infection?

Pink eye also known as Conjunctivitis in medical terms and it is a type of eye infection that can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. This type of infection is caused by either a bacteria or virus. The treatment will vary depending on the cause of the infection. If someone wears contact lenses and contracts pink eye, it is advisable to remove them instantly and make sure to clean the eyes thoroughly along with the contact lens cases. There are many remedies that can be done at home along with the treatment recommended by your doctor. However, it is very important to go see an optometrist to ensure the best possible method to treat the infection correctly.

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How to get Rid of Pink Eye immediately?

It is important to understand the importance of seeing a doctor to treat a pink eye. If the infection is caused by bacteria, the most effective method to clear the infection will require you to be prescribed an antibiotic by the doctor. If it is due to a virus, then there is no medication that can be prescribed to make it any better. In that case, home remedies will help ease the discomfort and pain in some ways.

What are the best Natural Remedies for Pink Eye?

One of the most effective home remedy for treating pink eye is to use cold or even warm compress. IT helps to reduce discomfort as well as reduce drainage. Make sure to use a separate compress if both eyes are infected as it is contagious and can be passed from one eye to the other as well. Make sure you clean it thoroughly after each usage. The best method to clean is to start from the inside and more to the outer corner. Discard any tissues that have been in contact with the infected area.  For the Best Eye Doctor in Millwoods service, contact Edmonton Vision Centre.

How long can Pink Eye last?

Pink eye infection can last around three to five days usually. In some severe cases it may last a little longer. If you have been prescribed medication for treatment, it is recommended to complete the course of medication even if the symptoms have cleared up.

Things to do if you have a pink eye

  • Get it checked by optometrist immediately.
  • It is contagious to make sure you wash hands constantly and cover the eye to others do not get it.
  • Infection becomes less contagious after three days usually.
  • If anything comes into contact with infected eye, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Finish the whole medication treatment even if the symptoms subside.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself checked by an optometrist in order to ascertain if it is bacterial or viral. An optometrist specializes in eyes so he knows what the best course of action will be to treat it. Get prompt treatment for pink eye or any other eye ailments before it gets any worse. You can ask your doctor what remedies are successful to treat pink eye as well.

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