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Where is the best eyecare clinic in Edmonton

To know where to get the best eyecare, you will have to ask yourself where to get the read and ideal specialists in the field. Picking an Eye Doctor or Eye Specialist Since sight is so critical, be proactive in taking care of your eyes. Pick a qualified eye specialist – one that has the […]

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What is the best Pink Eye Treatment?

Pink eye can be cause of pain and discomfort if it is contracted by anyone. To treat it is it also important to understand what it is and then figure out ways to treat it to illuminate the problem completely. What is Pink eye infection? Pink eye also known as Conjunctivitis in medical terms and […]

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Virtual Reality Games May Be Harmful for Young Children’s Eyes

Gaming consoles take number one priority when considering digital entertainment for children. In an estimate, 26 % of all gamers are under the age of 18 years. Lack of moderation when playing these games is the reason why most parents visit optical centers to check the health of their young children’s eyes. Some specialists suggest […]

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